Calamity Jane

Posted on 15 Nov 2012, 02:00

NODA's review of Calamity Jane has been released. Another positive report from Peter Breach -

I first saw the film on which this stage musical is based fairly soon after it was released. Initially I felt somewhat let down having parted with my meagre pocket money believing I was going to see a real ‘cowboy’ film which would include several gun-fights. However, I did think that Doris Day was a real pretty gal! Fast forward to this stage version by BOS Musical Theatre Group and whilst my views on entertainment may have changed considerably from when I was a young lad I certainly found this Calamity Jane (Andrea Townshend) as pretty as Doris Day and along with the enthusiastic audience I really appreciated her amazing performance as she sang and danced her way through this production. There were also excellent showings from the other players with principal roles which included Wild Bill Hickock (Rob Callaby), Lieut. Danny Gilmartin (Stephen Bromby), Katie Brown (Deborah Atkinson), Henry Miller (Jon Molson), Susan (Stacey Loveday) and Francis Fryer (Bryan Richardson).

The choreography for this show was extremely well thought out with the Can-Can dancers deserving special mention for maintaining eye contact and giving lovely natural smiles to the audience throughout their routines. The lively chorus displayed great characterisation and their vocal work, accompanied by skilled musicians, produced wonderful renditions of the well-known songs contained in this show. Lynne Baker, a very experienced and adaptable musical director, used her ability to take notes off the page and turned them into fantastic musical experiences (she didn’t need a six-gun)! The set design, costumes and make-up all contributed to the recreation of the time when the west was won. The standing ovations and curtain calls at the end of this show were indeed well deserved.

Head over to the Production page to see some photos of this production.

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