Audition material for Jesus Christ Superstar

Posted on 04 Nov 2013, 16:27

We are pleased to release the audition material for next year's Spring show JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

These will be available in Blackfriars foyer from Monday Nov 4th., or for download from the following link.

• Jesus: "Everything's Alright" "Gethsemane"
• Judas: "Heaven on Their Minds" "Everything's Alright"
• Mary: "Everything's Alright" "I Don't Know How to Love Him"
• Pilate: "Pilate's Dream" "Trial Before Pilate"
• Caiaphas: "This Jesus Must Die"
• Annas: "This Jesus Must Die"
• Peter: "Peter's Denial"
• Simon: "Simon Zealotes"
• Herod: "King Herod's Song"
• CHORUS : "Hosanna" "The Temple" "Superstar"

Depending on timing and turnout, ensemble songs may be done in groups The following song may be auditioned in groups to also look at matchups between actors:
"Everything's Alright" (Jesus/Judas/Mary)

Important notes

•Various cameo solos throughout the show will be allocated to chorus members during rehearsals.
•While you obviously have to be able to sing well, the biggest focus is not going to be on technical execution. This is a rock and roll show, so we will be focusing less on hitting every specific note or rhythm and more on whether you take risks and deliver with passion, energy, and creativity. We want to see dynamic interpretations both in your singing and your physical acting of the scene. That means not just standing still while focusing on the sheet music!
•There are many recorded versions of the show and I will post some YouTube links to get you started; ignore the videos’ visual interpretations and just focus on their singing as our staging will be stylistically unlike any of them. It is recommended that you listen to and practice with a diverse array of other recordings so you do not pigeon-hole your singing to sound like any specific version. There is no one "definitive" version so make it your own.
•If you have any questions about the music, just ask us!

Audition dates: Sunday 8th December from 1.30 pm - Thursday 12th December from 7.30pm

Stuart Bull : or tel 01205 354703
Marc Murray : or tel 07503 72849

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