Rapunzel Auditions

Posted on 18 Nov 2014, 21:35

Open auditions will be held for ‘Rapunzel’ A family pantomime

Auditions will be held for :
Singing actors

Audition dates are Tuesday Dec. 2nd and Thursday Dec. 4th at Blackfriars. Dancers please arrive at 7pm.

Audition pieces for singing actors are available from Blackfriars foyer.

Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from January 6th onwards. Dancers will rehearse on Thursdays initially.
Performance dates are from Sat. 18th to Sat 25th April.

Character Details


A young and beautiful young woman in her late teens or early twenties who has lived most of her life imprisoned in a tower and is consequently naive and unworldly. She lives her life through books and art and the nature of the forest that surrounds her. Although, her ‘Aunt’ is seemingly kind and loving and provides her with everything she needs, Rapunzel has now reached an age where she desires more from life and wants to run free and explore the world.

Mistress Grimelda Hemlock

An ancient witch who has preserved her youth and achieved mortality by harnessing the power of stardust, firstly through an enchanted herb, and then through her prisoner’s hair. She is selfish and vain woman, manipulating and bullying people to meet her own needs. The only person she seems to have any shred of affection for is Rapunzel but even this fondness would be forfeited if her looks and life were threatened. Prone to angry outbursts and vicious remarks, Grimelda is someone not to be crossed.

Dame Hilda Hogwash

The loud, brash and excitable cook and housekeeper to Mistress Foulfeather who has a big heart and big mouth. She compliments her outrageous sense of humour with an equally outrageous dress sense. Although a spinster, Dame Hilda yearns male company and is always on the look out for the next man she can get her claws into. Her loyalty and love for Rapunzel prevent her from leaving the employ of her cantankerous boss. She is often plotting with Billy Boots about how they can free Rapunzel from her incarceration.

Billy Boots

Mistress Hemlock’s odd job man who has worked for her since he was a young teenage boy when the witch brought him back from an orphanage to live and work for her. Despite his circumstances, Billy is cheerful, optimistic and fun and enjoys spending time with Rapunzel who is like a sister to him. He constantly annoys and irritates Dame Hilda with his jokes and sarcasm but he is secretly very fond of her as she is the closest thing has to a mother. He stands up to his mistress as much as he can, however she is powerful and he doesn’t push his luck.

Prince Lysander

Heir to the throne in the Kingdom of Splatt, Prince Lysander is an archetypal fairytale prince, good-looking, charming and a little conceited. He spent several years partying and preening himself until his parents, King Walter and Queen Ethel, decreed that he needed to devote some time to a more worthwhile cause such as slaying a dragon or saving a fair maiden. He now finds himself on a generic heroic quest with his faithful manservant, Wormsley, little does he know that a suitable fair maiden is waiting just around the corner.


Prince Lysander’s most loyal servant makes up for his obvious lack of intelligence and aptitude with an overwhelming enthusiasm and positivity. He has been in the Royal Family’s service since he was a boy and was delighted when he was given the honour of being Prince Lysander’s personal assistant. He doesn’t think before he speaks and is often unintentionally putting his foot in it. He is also quite smelly. In spite of his many shortfalls, the Prince knows he has a heart of gold and has grown very fond of him over the years.

Rufus Bluster

The pompous and officious Mayor of Sleep Head. He is a bloated and overbearing man with an arrogant air of self importance and is often at odds with the townsfolk. However he is a kindly man at heart and his actions are often well-intentioned, driven by his strong morals. For years he has been haunted by a sad incident that has made him cold and distant.

Apricot Crumble

Mayor Bluster’s fussy and efficient secretary. She is pernickety woman who twitters and flaps around like a nervous canary. She has a nervous disposition which isn’t helped by the Mayor’s abruptness and bellowing tones. However, despite his manner Miss Crumble is devoted to her boss and harbours a secret love for him.

Leopold Swindell

Swindell’s Travelling Circus is famous throughout the land and has been entertaining Kingdoms of people for years and years. First established by renowned entrepreneur and showman, Cornelius Swindell, it is now run by his grandchildren, Leopold and Hernia. Leopold is the roguish and a rascally ringmaster who is always looking to make a quick buck by bamboozling the public with his latest scam. He is an expert confidence trickster and has the gift of the gab.

Hernia Swindell

This hard-nosed ‘bearded’ lady is Leopold’s sister and joint owner of the Swindell’s Travelling Circus. She is coarse, forceful and even more unscrupulous than her brother. A ruthless business woman, she would think nothing of exploiting the weak and vulnerable for her own ends.

Matilda Dilly Dally

Also known as Silly Tilly, this is one of the clowns travelling with Swindell’s circus. Unlike most of Swindell’s employees, Tilly genuinely cares about her job and is devoted to entertaining the public and making people laugh. Although she spends the majority of her time goofing around, Tilly is actually level-headed, capable and principled and is frustrated by the dishonesty that surrounds her.

Madame Fortuna

The enigmatic circus fortune teller, whose riddles and mysterious manner perplex and disconcert her colleagues. She later reveals herself to be a fairy and offers magical assistance to Rapunzel when she needs to rescue the Prince from the clutches of Foulfeather.

Alfredo Blade

An aging and short-sighted knife thrower who works fro Swindell’s circus.

Flossie Flinch

Alfredo’s twitching and neurotic assistant who spends much of her time in bandages.

Stella Spangle

One half of a trapeze double act. She is snooty and pretentious.

Stacy Spangle

Stella’s sister and equally conceited.

Mrs Gigglebottom

Head of the world’s first all female clowning troupe. Probably the grumpiest clown to have ever lived.

Dizzy Lizzy

A clumsy clown.

Dozy Rosy

A dopey clown.

Hercules Hurricane

Resident strongman with Swindell’s circus, big on brawn but not on brains. Surprisingly sensitive.

Musical Numbers:-
Come Follow the Band
Fabulous Places
A Heart Full of Love
Easy Street
Ease on Down the Road
Consider Yourself
Brazzle Dazzle Day
The Roses of Success
Let if Go
Flash Bang Wallop

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