Noda Review for Miracle on 34th Street

Posted on 08 Dec 2014, 09:45

Here is the NODA review for Miracle on 34th Street. Absolutely brilliant: well done all!

This musical begins with people in New York preparing to be present at the Thanksgiving Day Parade being staged by Macy’s, the well-known Department store. Now, if you wish to convince an audience that an event such as this is happening, you need to start by “thinking big” and making sure that whatever happens on stage reflects this pattern of thinking. This is especially so if you are promoting the claim that Santa Claus is going to bring about a genuine Miracle on 34th Street. There is no doubt that by “thinking big”, the team responsible for producing this show was able to deliver a hugely successful and popular performance. There were over 150 people involved in this production including 80 children working in two groups, the orchestra had a full complement of 22 players, located in an adjacent room, who were accompanying up to 50 singers on stage linked by modern technology; the sounds produced were fantastic. With so many people on stage it was imperative that all dance movements were well-rehearsed - their execution was perfectly timed. The variety and colour of the costumes were amazing. It was a great feeling to be in a theatre where there were no empty seats-not a very common experience in these hard times but clearly illustrating the importance of having an effective marketing policy. For me the message of this show is contained in its alternative title “Here’s Love”. I hope the capacity audiences who saw this show can find some of the “magic” seen on stage finding its way into their lives. This wasn’t really a “miracle”, it was simply a superb achievement accomplished through a great collaborative effort with attention given to detail. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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