Noda Review for Rapunzel

Posted on 08 May 2015, 11:30

Here is the Noda Review for Rapunzel - Congratulations to all involved.

Author: Peter Breach

Local writer, Kei Bailey, provided a new script based on the story of ‘Rapunzel’ for this production, which contained all the essential features to enable director Lesley Smith and her colleagues to deliver a truly magnificent fun-packed family pantomime. The large cast contained a tremendous range of talents which the appreciative audience witnessed with much approbation. The selection of live music was very appropriate, as were the songs which were strongly delivered; the choreography was well devised and executed with panache. Richard Laight (as Dame Hilda Hogwash) was in his element wearing fancy frocks and Andrea Townshend (as Tilly Boots – the odd job lady) was extremely vivacious, quickly establishing a rapport with the audience. Kim Sands (as Prince Lysander) and Jennifer Sands (as Wormsley – the servant) were an excellent pairing, coping particularly well with their dialogue - their involvement in a game of ‘I-spy’ was hilarious with Jennifer displaying immaculate timing. Lucy Freeston (as Rapunzel), being confined to the tower, comes to depend heavily on her two close friends – Dame Hilda and Tilly Boots - for inspiration. Nick Scarborough (as Mayor Bluster) oozed pomposity whilst Abby Johnson (as Apricot Crumble – the Mayor’s secretary) was very good at getting worked up into a tizz. There were super costumes and very attractive sets with beautifully painted backdrops designed by Lynda Webb. The stage crew managed the scene changes with quiet efficiency and the others in the cast, too numerous to name in this review, all made significant contributions to this great show, but it would be remiss of me not to mention the fine performance of Helen Graves (as the Wicked Witch). From her first entrance on to the stage, Helen left the audience in no doubt that she was the ‘baddie’ and thereafter her further appearances were greeted with ‘boos and hisses’. However, in Act Two she gave a solo performance of the song “Let it Go” from the film ‘Frozen’. At the beginning there was a stunned silence but as she ended the song the audience responded with loud cheers, whistles and applause – just like she was a pop star, her performance could very appropriately be described as WICKED! Well done everyone.

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