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BOS Musical Theatre Group is producing “Annie” from November 18th to 25th 2017 at Blackfriars Theatre in Boston. Most of the children’s roles will be double cast, and they will perform in alternate shows. Parents of children who audition need to be aware that we need chaperones for the performances, and are asked to seriously consider getting a chaperone’s licence so that they can help – ask for details at the time of auditions.

Rehearsals will start in early September and will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. At the end of October, the rehearsal schedule will become more intense.

Please note there are dogs involved in this production. They are good-natured and well-trained dogs, but it would be sensible to make sure that any child taking part is not allergic to, or frightened of, dogs.

ANNIE Aged about 11 give or take a year) Annie is a tough streetwise kid who is vulnerable when she thinks she might lose what has become most important to her: a newfound “family” who loves her. Throughout the show she shows independent, needy, maternal, and hopeful qualities. Although she is at times aggressive or crafty, there is no doubt that Annie is a friendly and caring child. Annie has to work with a dog at times. Annie has about 140 lines and sings in 11 numbers. The actress who gets this part will be required at nearly all rehearsals.

Audition Songs: "Tomorrow" and "Maybe" Reading: (Annie)

WARBUCKS (Playing age 35-60 yrs+) A powerful, self-assured billionaire who always has his mind on business. While sometime gruff and abrupt he has a kind heart. At first, he is awkwardly affectionate toward Annie, but he soon finds himself completely charmed by her. Warbucks has over 100 lines and sings in 6 numbers.

Audition Songs: "NYC" and "I Don’t Need Anything" Reading: (Warbucks)

MISS HANNIGAN (Playing age 30-60) Miss Hannigan is orphanage matron. Her distaste for her job and the children is obvious in every move she makes and every line she delivers. She is predictable and funny, in her ridiculous, cruel ways. Looking for an actress who can act with her whole body! Hannigan has over 100 lines and sings in “Little Girls" and "Easy Street.”

Audition Songs: "Easy Street" and "Little Girls" Reading: (Hannigan)

GRACE FARRELL (Playing age 25y+ - but needs to be comfortably paired with Warbucks) She is the loyal private secretary to Oliver Warbucks. Grace is mature, calm, and classy and although she has feelings for Warbucks she tries not to show them. She is businesslike when dealing with Miss Hannigan, yet maternal toward Annie. Grace has over 100 lines and sings in 5 numbers.

Audition Songs: "NYC" and “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here” Reading: (Grace)

ROOSTER HANNIGAN (Playing age 25+) Miss Hannigan’s despicable brother. Rooster is flashy and self-assured. His “moves” are as smooth as a gambler’s: sly, and deceiving. The actor playing this role should bring a sense of fun to the character and have a good sense of comic timing. Rooster has just over 50 lines and sings in “Easy Street”. Audition Song: "Easy Street" Reading: (Rooster and Lily)

LILY ST. REGIS (Playing Age 25+) Lily is Rooster’s airhead girlfriend. Strong New York / Bronx accent. She is always distracted, although she manages to pick up on any conversation involving money. Like Rooster, the actress playing this role should bring a sense of fun to the character and have a good sense of comic timing. Lily has just over 30 lines and sings in“Easy Street”. Audition Song: Song #4 "Easy Street" Reading: (Rooster and Lily)

THE ORPHANS These girls are gritty, neglected, vulnerable, yet basically honest, and potentially lovable. They have mischievous fun with each other and also have “sibling-style” fights.

Molly - The littlest orphan.

Pepper - The toughest girl in the orphanage.

Duffy - The oldest girl in the orphanage.

Kate - The next to littlest orphan.

Tessie - The cry-baby in the orphanage.

July - The quietest orphan.

Reading: Read Annie’s audition piece (Can read as Molly or Annie).

Audition song : “Fully Dressed”

ORPHAN ENSEMBLE – this will be selected from Blackfriars Academy children. They will sing and dance in all the orphan ensemble numbers.

Bert Healy - The ultimate radio personality. He helps Annie by broadcasting about the search for her birth parents. Bert will be part of the ensemble in other scenes. Audition song : “Fully Dressed”. Reading : #7 Bert Healey

Boylan Sisters (Connie, Ronnie, Bonnie) - Assistants to Bert Healy. They sing in harmony with Bert Healey. They will be part of the ensemble in other scenes. Audition song : “Fully Dressed”

ENSEMBLE The remaining actors in the company play a number of different roles and may be either in the Servant Chorus or in the New York City Chorus, or in both, depending on numbers and the possibilities for a quick change. There are many cameo parts to be cast, and the chorus are part of many of the scenes.

SERVANT CHORUS: Oliver Warbucks’ domestic staff. Their presence, posture, and speech is proper and refined. Their heads are always held high, with pleasant, yet guarded emotions. They sing in I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here, You Won’t Be An Orphan for Long, I don’t Need Anything But You, New Deal For Christmas and Tomorrow Bows.

Drake - The English butler.

Cecille - A French maid, and Annette - another French maid.

Mrs. Greer - The head housekeeper

Mrs. Pugh - The chef.

Servant Ensemble - Servants in Oliver Warbucks’ mansion. (All must sing and dance well.)

NEW YORK CITY CHORUS: This chorus consists of several scenes that take place throughout New York City. Many of these chorus members will have various cameo roles as well in other scenes.

They sing in: Hooverville, NYC, A New Deal for Christmas and Tomorrow Bows.

All the following characters have at least one line or a solo singing line:

Bundles McCloskey - The laundryman who serves the orphanage. He has an innocent, flirtatious relationship with Miss Hannigan.

Lt. Ward - A policeman who returns Annie to Miss Hannigan after she escapes from the orphanage

. Policeman - Lt. Ward’s police partner.

Dog Catcher - A person who captures stray dogs on the streets of New York

Star-To-Be - A young, aspiring Broadway actress. (Mezzo Belt) Solo in "NYC".

Jimmy Johnson - A personality on the Bert Healy Show

Fred McCracken and Wacky – A ventriloquist and his dummy on the Bert Healy show.

Judge Brandise - Judge whom Warbucks hires to formalise the adoption of Annie.

Franklin D. Roosevelt - US President who helps discover Annie’s real parents.

. Roosevelt’s Cabinet Members - Ickes, Perkins, Hull, Morgenthau,

Hooverville Folks: Appleseller, Eddie, Sophie and several others referred to in the script as Man 1-4 and Woman 1-4. These are all homeless & jobless people who live in shanty towns.

Audition Song: “NYC” if only auditioning for Chorus.

If you would like to be considered for a cameo, you will need to let us hear you speak some lines in an American accent.:

If auditioning for Female Cameo role, please read Hannigan’s audition part.

If auditioning for Male Cameo role, please read Bert Healy.

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