Standing ovations and great reviews for Annie Company

Posted on 02 Dec 2017, 13:07

A huge congratulations to everyone involved in our most recent production of Annie. Turnout was fantastic and brilliant reviews, well done everyone. You can find the NODA review by Peter Breach below and production photos will be uploaded very soon.

NODA review of Annie:

We have to learn to cope with many disappointments in this life and hope is something that can help us survive and face up to the future, no matter how difficult it seems. So I was particularly pleased that BOS Musical Theatre Group chose to perform the uplifting and popular musical “Annie” at this time of year when many people reflect on their situations without much optimism.

The central character in this story is based on the Harold Gray comic strip, “Little Orphan Annie”,by permission of Tribune Media Services.Inc.,with music by Charles Strouse, book by Thomas Meehan and lyrics by Martin Charnin. Eleven years old Annie (Precious Stewart-Coates) is growing up in New York during the 1930’s Depression in the Municipal Orphanage which is being run by the horrible Miss Hannigan (Natasha Connor), who hates children. Annie is living in hope that her parents will one day come and collect her, as they promised in a note left with Annie, when they abandoned her outside the orphanage when she was two years old.Grace Farrell (Katy Divilly) secretary to the millionaire Oliver Warbucks (Ben Gilbert), has been charged with finding an orphan that she might invite to Warbucks’ household to celebrate Christmas. The future starts to look brighter for Annie when she isthe one selected. Although Warbucks initiates a nationwide search to trace Annie’s parents with the offer of a reward for them, it is established that they both died some time ago. However, Miss Hannigan’s brother Rooster (RobCallaby)and his girl- friend, Lily St Regis (Lucy Allen) attempt to fraudulently claim they are Annie’s parents but theirfalsehoodis exposed.Warbucks is so impressed by Annie’s resilience that he is prepared to adopt her and invites all of her fellow orphans to his mansion to celebrate Christmas.

This amazing production was the result of a superb team effort, with every participant giving their all, whether back or on stage. The experienced production team, under the leadership of Director/Producer Stuart Bull and Assistant Director Rob Callaby, were responsible for merging the skills of the adult actors with those of the very talented and enthusiastic young players of Blackfriars Academy. Marc Murray was magnificent in managing the music and directing the choral work. Abi Kingsley-Parker’s choreography was very varied and exciting; the routine she devised to accompany the song “Easy Street” as performed by Rooster, Miss Hannigan and Lily would definitely have won a ten on ‘Strictly’! I was most impressed with the stage presence of Missy and Sadie. The costumes were appropriate to the period, the sets well designed and variously furnished, from the austere orphanage to the opulence of Warbucks’ residence. Thank you to everyone involved for providing such an uplifting and entertaining show.

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