Sunset Boulevard Audtions

Posted on 20 Feb 2019, 21:14

Auditions for Sunset Boulevard will be held at Blackfriars Theatre Boston, on March 11th (evening) and March 24th (afternoon), for our autumn musical, Sunset Boulevard (Lloyd Weber). This is a brilliant, dramatic and haunting musical, set in Hollywood, telling of Joe Gillis a young screenwriter, and his affair with the manipulative fading screen star, Norma Desmond. There are two principal male parts, and two principal female parts, and dozens of small cameo parts (plenty of options to double up), each of which has lines to sing and words to speak.

Some of the parts are listed below:

Norma Desmond—Soprano to E, Alto-lyric belter
Joe Gillis—High Baritone
Max von Mayerling—Baritone with Tenor range
Betty Schaefer—Soprano to top A, belt to C
Artie Green—Tenor
Cecil B DeMille—Baritone with Tenor range
Sheldrake/John—Light Baritone

Manfred/Myron—High Baritone

Character descriptions :

(Ages mentioned are playing ages, not actual age).

Norma Desmond
Old time silent movie star. Looks younger than her actual age of around 50-60. Striking looking, once was a great beauty. Commanding, strong presence. Ability to hold a room.

Joe Gillis.
A handsome disillusioned and opportunistic writer with a cynical attitude to Hollywood. Becomes Norma's gigolo. A Strong leading man – narrator of the entire show. Age 30-45

Max von Mayerling Needs a rich baritone voice. Norma's butler and former husband with a “Middle European” accent. Once a successful director, he is now a man servant to his former wife. A striking, almost haunting presence.

Betty Schaeffer A clean-cut bright looking enthusiastic Hollywood girl (age 22yrs) - an ingenue. Falls in love with Joe. Romantic, optimistic lead – the opposite of Norma.

Artie Green BARITONE: A fresh faced assistant director, friend to Joe and boyfriend of Betty. Good comic timing.

Cecil B DeMille BARITONE Acclaimed Hollywood director. Older.

Featured Roles: 1. Sheldrake: a mournful and dyspeptic movie producer on the lot.
2. Manfred: an imposing men's outfitter. Often played camp. (Baritone)

Supporting Roles:
We would be looking for an ensemble of approximately 5 men and 6 women to play the following named roles from the script and score.

Myron, Mary, Joanna, First And Second Finance Men, Sammy, Morino, Wunderkind, Secretary,
Cliff, Katherine, Lisa, John, Anita, Adam, Waitress, Actor, Sandy, Larissa, Jane, Glenn,
Danielle, Dawn, Barman, Salesmen, Richard, Jean, Actor #4, Guard,
Jones, Heather, Hog-Eye, Astrologer, Masseuse #1 And #2, Beautician #1, #2, #3 Analyst,
Doctor, Journalist

All ages (16 years +), physical types and cultural backgrounds with strong vocals and movement abilities are encouraged to audition.

There will also be a separate dance troupe. There are huge dance and chorus scenes and lots of exotic costumes.
Be under no illusions - this is a big show.

The material is available in a folder in the foyer at Blackfriars. Pieces can also be downloaded from Dropbox using the following link :

Details of the auditions will be circulated nearer the day.

Director : Stuart Bull
Assistant Director and choreographer : Lucy Allen
Musical Director Marc Murray

Further information can be obtained from the Production Team.

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