Calamity Jane
April 23rd - 28th 2012

Welcome to the Spring production of BOS Musical Theatre Group. Calamity Jane is a goog old-fashioned musical, originally released as a Hollywood film in 1953. It starred Doris Day and Howard Keel, and only later was it turned into a stage show. It contains many memorable songs which have stood the test of time, such as 'Secret love' and 'Black Hills of Dakota'.

We have had great fun rehearsing it, thanks to the production team of John and Lesley. Lynne's considerable musical skills have brought the melodies and harmonies to life.

Special mention should be made of Abigail Kingsley-Parker, who has for the first time choreographed a BOS show. Abigail has considerable experience as a dancer, and her ability to produce humorous and lively dances has brought the show to life for us.

We have a great line-up of principals for you, and I just want to thank in particular Andrea Townshend for again taking on a huge role.

It is nice to see young talent coming into the society and new members taking on lead roles including Stacey loveday as Susan, Bryan Richardson as Francis Fryer, and Debi Atkinson as Katie.

'Calam' dresses like a man, totes a gun and drives the Deadwood City stagecoach. Well-meaning, but disaster-prone, she tries to help the local saloon proprietor out of a jam by promising to fetch a music-hall star from Chicago. A hilarious comedy, it nevertheless has many tender moments and some very famous numbers, including "Secret Love", "Black Hills Of Dakota", "Deadwood Stage" and "Windy City".


6th, 15th and 30th November 2011 @ Blackfriars Arts Centre.

Production Team

Co Producer & Director: John Sabberton
Co Producer & Director: Lesley Smith
Musical Director: Lynne Baker
Choreographer: Abi Kingsley-Parker

Cast List

Calamity Jane - Andrea Townshend
Wild Bill Hickock - Rob Callaby
Lieut. Danny Gilmartin - Stephen Bromby
Katie Brown - Deborah Atkinson
Henry Miller - Jon Molson
Susan - Stacey Loveday
Francis Fryer - Bryan Richardson
Adelaide Adams - Sharon Sinnott
Rattlesnake - Nick Scarborough
Doc Pierce - Stuart Bull
Joe - David Lane
Hank - Richard Laight
Pete - Stephen Brown
Colonel - Rob Barclay
Can-Can Dancers - Katie Bray, Helen Clare, Jess Forbes, Chloe Mercer, Paige Mitchell, Laura Molson, Rachel Pick
Indians - Jack Courtney, Nathan Scarborough
Prospector - Simon Spens
Cowboys - Kevin Lane, Ben Terry, Zak Woodcock
Lady Passengers & Bar Staff - Lisa Cuesta-Acevedo, Wendy Bull, Marilyn Cobb, Carol Spinks, Judith Quincey

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