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BOS Musical Theatre Group


9 to 5 the Musical
April 2016

Violet Kim Sands
Judy Clare Allen
Doralee Helen Graves
Franklin Hart Christian Slingsby
Roz Natasha Townsend
Joe Rob Callaby
Kathy Carol Spinks
Margaret Audrey Young
Maria Sue Kime
Dwayne Jeffrey Droy
Dick Murray Webb
Josh Ryan Mitcham
Missy Kerrie Garnham
Tinsworthy Stuart Bull
Bob Alan Thomas
Doctor Jack Cortney
Candy Striper Lynda Webb
New Employee Natalie Hall

Caoimhe Atkin-Palmer, Rachael Hockemeyer, Zoe Wyles, Judith Quincey, Helen Clare, David Lane, Marilyn Cobb, Gabrielle Webb, Freddie Garnham, Alice Parkin, Jasmin Slingsby

MD/Keyboard Lynne Loose
Keyboard Ruth Adams
Guitar Roger Loose
Bass Phil Winfield
Drum Kit Derren Seager
Percussion Lewis Knight

Director Robert Barclay
Producer Helen Graves
Musical Director Lynne Loose
Choreographer Clare Allen
Assistant Director Audrey Young & John Sabberton

Rehearsal Pianist David Hallgate
Dance Captain Kim Sands
Stage Manager Megan Hillaby
Crew Rex Hallgate & Jodie Windsor
Flys Jen Sands & Jacob Moore
Spots Ashley Pope, Rowan Druce & Jack Linter
Lighting Megan Rogers
Theatre Technician Megan Rogers
Lighting Design Alan Aldous & Robert Barclay
Set Design Robert Barclay, Helen Graves & Alan Aldous
Props Helen Graves, Jen Sands & Audrey Young
Photography Neil Watson
Publicity Stephen Brown & Audrey Young
Program/Poster Robert Barclay
Costumes by Violet Truelove Wardrobe
Make-up Anthea Hall, Diane Nixon, Polly Summerfield, Gloria Bursnell & Cast
Raffle Christine Sabberton, Barbara Chambers & Marilyn Cobb

Front of House Blackfriars Volunteers

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