Into the Woods
22nd - 29th April 2017

in order of appearance

Narrator Matthew Brown
Cinderella Rachel Rowett
Jack David Taylor
Baker Matt Barnes
Baker's Wife Helen Graves
Cinderella's Stepmother Natasha Connor
Florinda Kim Sands
Lucinda Jen Sands
Jack's Mother Kate Sydney
Little Red Ridinghood Lucy Freeston
Witch Andrea Townshend
Cinderella's Father Ben Gilbert
Cinderella's Mother Katy Tabor
Mysterious Man Trevor Fenton
Wolf Julian Warrick
Rapunzel Clare Allen
Rapunzel's Prince Christian Slingsby
Granny/Giant Abby Johnson
Cinderella's Prince Rob Callaby
Steward Sam Simpson
Milky White Kelly Anderson

Director Kei Bailey
Producer Helen Graves
Musical Director David Hallgate
Designer Jo Warrick
Choreographer Claire Allen
Set Julian Warrick, Steve Dickons & Stephen Clark
Lighting Design Alan Aldous
Stage Manager Nicole Moore
Props Jo Warrick, Steve Dickons & Matt Barnes
Costume Jo Warrick, Emily Westland & Matilda Wyatt
Sound Alan Aldous
LX Ashley Pope
Flys Callum Thursby
Spots Rowan Druce & Matilda Wyatt
Crew Amy Ash, Natasha Townshend, Caroline Hooray & Audrey Young
Film maker Simon Harris
Marketing & Publicity Audrey Young, Stephen Brown & Kerria Marie

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