The Full Monty
20-28th April 2018

Jerry Lukowski Rob Callaby
Pam Lukowski Lucy Allen
Teddy Slaughter Jack Courtney
Dave Bukatinsky Stuart Bull
Georgie Bukatinsky Audrey Young
Harold Nichols Christian Slingsby
Vicki Nichols Helen Graves
Malcom Macgregor David Phillips-Peters
Molly Macgregor Jen Sands
Ethan Girard Ryan Mitchum
Noah (Horse) T. Simmons Stephen Brown
Jeanette Burmeister Kim Sands
Buddy (Keno) Walsh Jack Courtney
Estelle Genovese Natalie Hall
Susan Hersehey/
Repo Woman Natasha Townsend
Police Sargent/Ballroom
Dancer Helen Claire
Delore/Ballroom Dancer Karrie Marrie Garnham
Dance Instructor Rachael Hockmeyer
Ensemble Victoria Clark and Steven Clark

Director Robert Barclay
Producer Christian Slingsby
Musical Director Amanda Rivers
Choreographer Clare Allen
Assistant Director Jen Sands
Assistant Producer Audrey Young

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